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Sustainable, attractive double digit returns backed by local real estate and administered in house since 1994.

I’ve been investing with One Stop for 6 years now because they’re amazing at what they do. My RSP & TFSA wouldn’t be where they are today without OSM.
Meghan F
I have been investing with OSM for over 10 years. The whole team are all friendly and energetic people that make me feel taken care of.
Vince C.
They know our preferences and are exceptional at finding the right deals for us. What a financial blessing they have been for us.
Bill & Deborah H.
For the past seven years, I have had ongoing business relationships with One Stop. I have recommended them to my own family.
Myron S.
Working with the team at One Stop has been an excellent combination of friendly and easygoing on the personal side, along with organized and efficient on the business side.
Braden R.
When I was a 'new' investor, OSM always took the time to explain my litany of questions and ensure I was comfortable with the risk I was taking vis-à-vis the return.
Vittorio D.
I've been a One Stop Mortgage investor since 1994. While the company has expanded over time, they have stayed remarkably true to their original values.
Naill O.
I have been investing in mortgages with One Stop Mortgage since 2016. Besides being a great way to invest your savings, the staff at One Stop are amazing.
David P.
I have been working with One Stop Mortgage Corp. for over ten years, and we have nothing but good words for the organization and the staff who drive the business.
Wayne M.
I have worked with One Stop Mortgage for many years, and I find them very professional and well managed.
Dallas L.
My family has been working with One Stop Mortgage for 30 years; now that my kids are investing there are 3 generations involved with OSM.
Frank M.
The investments that we have with One Stop Mortgage have allowed us a freedom in our retirement that we wouldn’t otherwise have.
Karen & Grant C.
My family has been investing with OSM for over 30 years. Everyone within the organization always has my best interest in mind.
Kristen B.
Common Questions

What are private mortgages and how are they different than traditional mortgages?

Private mortgages are loans extended by individual investors or private firms, rather than conventional banks. They offer flexible lending solutions for those who don't meet typical lending criteria, possess unique properties, or encounter credit hurdles. This provides investors with a chance to diversify their portfolios and achieve desirable returns backed by real estate.

What are the typical returns on private mortgage investments?

Currently our investors are averaging returns of 9.5%-13.99%

How are private mortgages secured?

The exact same way banks secure traditional mortgages in British Columbia and or Alberta. The investor is registered directly on title as the mortgage holder.

How do I invest in private mortgages?

There are multiple ways to invest; cash, through a numbered company, or self directed RSP, RRIF, TFSA, RESP, LIRA. Contact us to explore these possibilities and how private mortgage lending can support your investment objectives while diversifying your portfolio.

What is the minimum investment required to participate?

OSM accommodates investors of all types and net worths, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran.   Contact us to discuss putting your money to work for you.

How liquid is a private mortgage investment?

Compared to other investments such as stocks or bonds, private mortgage investments typically carry a 12 month term.  Over our 30 year history our lenders have come to love this type of investment and traditionally are happy to offer renewals or extensions on their investment.

Each investment is meticulously vetted & backed by collateral
30 years in business & 150+ years of experience
Private mortgages provide higher & more consistent returns than many traditional investments
Tailored support to build a diversified, high-performing private mortgage investment portfolio
Diversify investment portfolios & achieve financial stability & growth
Exclusive private mortgage opportunities not available through public markets
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