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Get Approved In 48hrs!

Empowering borrowers with a wide rage of mortgage services even when the banks say no.

Inquiries For Existing Borrowers
For inquiries about payout statements, balance letters, payment questions, or mortgage renewals, please reach out to our helpful Admin Team. Expect a response within 48 business hours.
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Exisiting Borrower FAQs

How can I change my bank account for monthly payments?

To update your bank details for payments, please email our admin team at Note that some changes might need a 7-day notice, and certain fees could apply.

My payment was returned. What should I do?

If a payment is returned, contact our admin team at immediately to arrange for a replacement, keeping in mind a $200 NSF fee will apply.

Can I make a principal pay down on my mortgage?

Making a principal payment may be possible, depending on your mortgage's terms. Contact our admin team to verify your prepayment options at

Can I speak to somebody about my mortgage?

For any mortgage inquiries, our admin team is available at 877 874 8988 or via email at We're here to assist you!

Can I get a balance statement for my mortgage?

You or your broker can request a balance statement by emailing our administration team. We're here to provide the information you need.

Can you provide a document for my taxes?

We're unable to provide tax documents directly. However, your bank records should reflect the necessary information for tax purposes.

I want to pay out my mortgage. What are the steps?

For mortgage payouts, please have your notary or lawyer contact us at at least 48 hours in advance to request the official payout figures.

Need A Mortgage?
With our investor network, we offer flexible mortgages for your home financing needs, covering everything from first to third mortgages. If you're self-employed or banks have turned you down, see how our alternative lending options can help finance your dream home.
Land and Acreage Financing
Loans available for buying land or refinancing, using your property's value.
Bank Turndown Solutions
If the bank said no, we say yes, especially for self-employed people needing a mortgage.
Rush Purchase Financing
Secure fast financing for last-minute purchases, filling in when banks are slow.
Partial/Fractional Interest
Mortgage financing for clients with partial/fractional ownership of their property.
Construction Loans
Fast, easy loans for building projects, based on what you own, not paperwork.
Bridge Financing
Get quick money for urgent buys when the bank can't help, with same-day solutions.
Equity Take Out
1st, 2nd, 3rd, even partial interest mortgage options, allowing your clients to access the equity in their homes.
Consolidate all those credit card payments into one lower, easier payment in the form of a 2nd mortgage.
Debt Consolidation
Your clients can access the equity in their home to consolidate debt into one easy to manage monthly payment.
New Borrower Questions

What are private mortgages and how are they different than traditional mortgages?

Private mortgages are loans extended by individual investors or private firms, rather than conventional banks. They offer flexible lending solutions for those who don't meet typical lending criteria, possess unique properties, or encounter credit hurdles.

How do I qualify for a private mortgage?

We are primarily focused on the equity available in your property, along with your ability and plan to repay the loan.

How long does the approval process take?

We can typically close within days of receiving all necessary documentation.

What are the rates and fees?

Our rates align with current market conditions, ensuring competitive pricing. We charge a straightforward broker fee.

What types of mortgages does OSM offer?

We offer a variety of mortgage products, all of which can be found here.

How do I apply For A Mortgage With One Stop Mortgage Corp.?

Please complete this application form.

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