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The team at One Stop Mortgage is great to deal with. You can rely on their staff of professionals to get the job done with creative options and timely service.
Jeff D.
Always quick turnarounds with a willingness to get every file across the line in an efficient timely manner. One of the best lending brokerages to work with.
Gurj A.
One Stop Mortgage is my go-to lender for my private business. They are creative, reasonable, and transparent.
Kevin K.
OSM have done magic for me. Outstanding staff that go above and beyond. Knowledgeable, hardworking, and kind. My experience has ONLY been positive.
Ami A.
They were fast, accommodating, and easy to deal with. Felt like we’ve worked together for years, I’ll definitely send them my next private file.
William F.
Renewal options are very competitive and they work with the brokers, clients and their lenders to come up with a feasible solution.
Andy S.
As our top brokerage of choice, OSM have clearly demonstrated their commitment to providing excellent service.
Rupa N.

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Land and Acreage Financing
Loans available for buying land or refinancing, using your property's value.
Bank Turndown Solutions
If the bank said no, we say yes, especially for self-employed people needing a mortgage.
Rush Purchase Financing
Secure fast financing for last-minute purchases, filling in when banks are slow.
Partial/Fractional Interest
Mortgage financing for clients with partial/fractional ownership of their property.
Construction Loans
Fast, easy loans for building projects, based on what you own, not paperwork.
Bridge Financing
Get quick money for urgent buys when the bank can't help, with same-day solutions.
Equity Take Out
1st, 2nd, 3rd, even partial interest mortgage options, allowing your clients to access the equity in their homes.
Consolidate all those credit card payments into one lower, easier payment in the form of a 2nd mortgage.
Debt Consolidation
Your clients can access the equity in their home to consolidate debt into one easy to manage monthly payment.
For over three decades, One Stop Mortgage Corp. has proudly served as a premier private mortgage broker and lender.

With a robust network of individual private lenders, we facilitate over 600 private mortgages annually.
For over three decades, One Stop Mortgage Corp. has proudly served as a premier private mortgage broker and lender. With a robust network of individual private lenders, we facilitate over 600 private mortgages annually.
30 years in business & 150+ years of experience
Instant approvals & same day fundings
Not confined bytraditional bank limitations
The client always remains yours
Common Questions

Where does OSM lend?

We offer lending services across British Columbia and Alberta, catering to a wide range of mortgage needs in these areas.

What are your rates and fees?

Our rates align with current market conditions, ensuring competitive pricing. We charge a straightforward broker fee, shared equally between us and our partner brokers, reinforcing our commitment to transparent partnerships.

Does OSM have an accepted appraisal company list?

Yes, we have a preferred list of appraisal companies to ensure high-quality and reliable valuations. However, we're flexible and willing to consider appraisals already obtained by our clients to facilitate the lending process.

How fast can OSM close?

We're capable of funding on the same day, provided we receive all necessary documents promptly. Our process is designed to be fast and efficient, meeting our clients' urgent financing needs.

What types of mortgages does One Stop Mortgage offer?

We offer a variety of mortgage products, all of which can be found here.

What is your maximum loan amount?

We consider deals of all sizes.

What documents does OSM require for a deal submission?

All we need to get started reviewing your file is an application, credit bureau and property valuation. Additional documents may be requested during the underwriting process.

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