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One Stop Mortgage Corp offers BC and Alberta the following:

  • Home equity Loans

    A Home Equity Loan from Mortgage Broker One Stop Mortgage Corp is an easy way to turn the equity in your property into money in your pocket for home renovation, debt consolidation, vacation, tuition, taxes or any other uses you decide are valuable to you.

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  • Debt Consolidation

    One Stop Mortgage Corp. Can assist you in consolidating all of your credit debts into a mortgage on your property anywhere in BC and Alberta. This process will usually lower your monthly payments from what you are paying to all of your creditors into one easy to manage payment.

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  • Bank Turndown Help

    One Stop Mortgage can match you up with a wide variety of lenders who DO NOT use the same rules as the BIG BANKS to approve your application. Give one of our Mortgage Brokers a call today to see how we can turn your application into an approval.

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Success Stories of the Week mortgage approved

  • Large First Mortgage in Mission, British Columbia

    A recently divorced mother in Mission, BC sent in an application in hopes to refinance her existing first and second mortgages which had fallen into arrears. In addition to the mortgages she also had two credit card accounts sold to collectors and was receiving phone calls regarding her debt.

    Saverio received her application and was able to arrange for a new all-encompassing large First Mortgage of $480,000.00 which set her Loan-to-Value at 55%. Her credit score was 504.

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  • Small Third Mortgage in Medicine Hat, Alberta

    A family living in Medicine Hat, Alberta was in a hurry to receive funds for an unforeseen situation. They were turned down by their bank and did not want to try any others as time was of the essence. An acquaintance advised them about One Stop Mortgage Corp. and they sent in an online application immediately.

    Mark was happy to help them out and was able to offer a small Third Mortgage in the amount of $36,000.00 in a 2-day turnaround. They’re Loan-to-Value was bumped to 75% and the applicants credit scores were 564 and 537.

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  • Large First Mortgage in Calgary, Alberta

    A pair of newlywed professionals living in Calgary, Alberta was looking to purchase a second home as an investment property and were looking to use the equity in their clear-title residence to help with the purchase.

    Sergio set them up with a Large First Mortgage in the amount of $280,000.00 which set their Loan-to-Value at 55% and their credit scores were 678 and 665.

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Full service mortgage brokerage offers home equity loans, debt consolidation and mortgages for BC and Alberta. We help you get credit help even if the bank turns you down.

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Over 22 years of Private Mortgage Lending

One Stop Mortgage Corp. and its principles have been lending in Alberta and British Columbia since 1993. Over that time we have seen our share of booms and busts, but we have always stayed the course in providing fast and and effective mortgages for our clients and are proud to have service our clients throughout that period and look forward to doing the same for many years to come.

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One Stop Mortgage Corp. has specialized in making mortgage lending easy and fast. With one phone call we can approve your mortgage instantly and have your money available in 24 hours.

Apply now or give us a call to find out how we can help you find a mortgage that helps you achieve your financial goals.

Home Equity Loans and Debt Consolidation Loans for BC and Alberta!

At One Stop Mortgage we make Home Equity Loans Simple!


What is a Home Equity Loan?

A Home Equity Loan from Vancouver Mortgage Broker One Stop Mortgage is an easy way to turn the equity in your property into money in your pocket for home renovation, debt consolidation, vacation, tuition, taxes or any other uses you decide are valuable to you.


Why would I apply for a Home Equity Loan?

We make Home Equity loans simple! A Home Equity loan by One Stop Mortgage Corp. is quick and easy. Our loans are accessible even if you have credit challenges, are self employed or have little or no verifiable income.


Who is One Stop Mortgage Corp?

We are a mortgage company that specializes in Home Equity Loans. One Stop Mortgage Corp is a referral and customer service based mortgage company; we don't have big advertising campaigns to pay for like the other guys so we can pass those savings on to you the customer.


Where can we set up your Home Equity Loan?

We lend or have access to funds in Alberta and BC.


Where can One Stop Mortgage Lend?

One Stop Mortgage can approve Home Equity Loans, 2nd mortgage mortgages and debt consolidations in all areas of Alberta and BC.


How can you apply for a Home Equity Loan?

This is the easiest part. Simply fill out an online application or call our office at 1 877 874 8988, we can give you an instant approval.


When can you apply for a Home Equity Loan?

One Stop Mortgage Corp., has a collective experience of 55 years of experience. Call us now – 1 877 874 8988!

We are proud members of the following:

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Do you have a mortgage?

We can help you when the banks can't. Since we have access to a wide range of lenders and follow a different criteria than the banks we can offer you a loan or mortgage when others can't.

Contact us today and see how our Mortgage Brokers can help you get the best mortgage or loan rates for your credit-rating, as well as provide you with the money to get your life back.

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Why work with a Vancouver Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage Brokers: refinancing easy approval animation

  • Consider your financial needs
  • Work hard for the best deal
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Use their professional knowledge
  • Have access to larger range of creditors
  • Protect your Financial Interests

To get mortgage financing in Canada, you can either go to a big bank where you negotiate yourself to get the best deal you can, or you go to a mortgage broker who does the shopping for you, finds the best rate in the market and enables financing that is very difficult to get on your own.

Having access to various types of loans and a large group of lenders allows a mortgage broker to find a loan that fits your needs; at rates that are almost impossible to get on your own. This takes away the stress of financing a new home, or refinancing your current home to gain access to the money you need to fund your dreams.

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call one stop mortgage brokers cartoonOne Stop Mortgage Corp. and its employees are dedicated to provide all our clients the absolute best customer service.

Since 1993 we have been providing our clients with their best chance to secure the most competitive rates and fees in the private mortgage or equity mortgage arena.

Vancouver mortgage broker One Stop Mortgage Corp is a great lending alternative to banks. Home financing options for home equity loans, mortgage financing first mortgages, second mortgages, third mortgages and debt consolidation loans, refinancing, partial interest mortgages, property purchases, poor credit and bank turndown help and much more.

Do you have a mortgage?

When we ask, "Do you own your own home?" people generally sigh and say, "The bank owns it!". If you have a mortgage, you own your own home, and the equity building there can be used to help you today.

New projects, and financial needs come up all the time. You may want to consider refinancing to:

  • Pay down your debts with high interest rates
  • Consolidate your debts
  • Finish home renovation projects
  • Invest in your business
  • Pay a child’s tuition
  • Take advantage of low interest rates
  • Take a much needed vacation
  • Buy a new car

Using your home equity can be an easy way to lower your borrowing costs without taking out a traditional loan.

Get Credit Help Today

We provide tools and information to improve credit and overall financial situation

‘Do you want help with your credit and are you prepared to do something about it?
Would you like debt consolidation help?
Would you like lower monthly payments?
Would you like to improve your credit?
Are you a home owner?

get your home equity loan approved imageIf you said "yes" to any of these questions call us today at 1-877-874-8988 or 604 874 8988

Are you overwhelmed with debt?

One Stop Mortgage Corp. can assist you in consolidating all of your credit debts into a mortgage on your property anywhere in BC or Alberta.

This process will usually lower your monthly payments from what you are paying to all of your creditors and condense all your monthly payments into one easy to manage payment.

Also you should notice that your credit score will increase and you will be more suitable to qualify for a conventional mortgage in as soon as 1 year. If you are already in collections don't panic One Stop Mortgage can still help you.

We can also help you if you are in a consumer proposal or even if you have been previously bankrupt. Call One Stop Mortgage today to discuss your application and see if a debt consolidation mortgage is right for you. Contact us at 1-877-874-8988 or email us and get credit help


Q. What does One Stop Mortgage Corp. do?
A. One Stop Mortgage Corp. is a full service mortgage brokerage that specializes in home equity loans and refinancing.

Q. Why use One Stop Mortgage Corp. for your financing needs?
A. Although we have been in the business of brokering and lending money on the equity of property since 1993, our customer service sets us apart.

Q. How quickly can I get an approval?
A. Approvals can be done immediately. Apply Now or Call Us.

Q. Where does One Stop Mortgage Corp. do business?
A. We are licensed to do business in British Columbia and Alberta.

Q. What types of properties can qualify?
A. We arrange financing for houses, townhouses, condominiums, mobile homes, modular homes and raw land. We can also arrange financing for construction, rental and vacation homes.

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Ruth came to us for a debt consolidation and we were able to help her out without an appraisal. We lowered her monthly payments and put her on the path to credit recovery.

Brian has been a long time customer of ours and has used our services many times over the years to obtain capital for his business projects.

Mulvahill’s parents passed away and there have been some estate issues and her brother not releasing etc. RBC, current mortgage holder, wants to be paid out. Roughly $130k. She’s earning about $2,800 a month training horses. There is also an additional $83k coming soon enough from the estate. So this will pay the rest and even be able to pay down her mortgage and put her in a situation that is manageable.

Dale and Sharron came to us to help take care of a small debt as it had fell slightly behind and was soon going to affect their credit.

Gina came to us for a small 2nd mortgage to do a few upgrades to home home and consolidate a few credit cards. She lowered her monthly payments.

Phil came to us to consolidate debts and complete an addition to his home in Northern AB.

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