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How to save money on your March Break Getaway

Mar 10, 2014

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family on March Break Vacation

Consolidate your debt before that March Break Vacation

Just imagine, in a couple weeks you could be away from the winter, away from work and take that much needed vacation to the sun with your family.  School is out for a week or two and this chance for family time is too good to pass up. 

Your kids are only young once – before you know it they will be finding their own way in the world; it won’t be long before they will rather spend holidays with their friends.  Having a couple of weeks away will give you’re the reboot you need and you will finally get away from winter for a while, or maybe you could use a week in Whistler on the slopes?  Regardless, we all need a break; we all need a vacation.


Be prepared

Before you start buying your plane tickets and dreaming of the sand and surf, if you move forward carefully, you could save a bundle.  You don’t need to just put this on your credit card or live now and worry later.  Simple debt consolidation may be the answer you are looking for.

It happens to everyone.  We need money quickly at various times of our lives, such as when we need to do emergency repairs, we face unexpected health issues, need some money to replace our car, or to take a vacation.  How we manage our debts makes a huge difference in the long run.


Don’t hurt your Credit

Our Credit Rating affects everything we do with money.  Poor credit can hurt our application to a mortgage, a car loan and to get a home equity loan.  We need to be aware of our credit and do what we can to keep our credit rating healthy. 

A credit rating is a report of all your credit history – from credit cards to loans to bill payments.  When you borrow money or apply for credit, lenders send information about your accounts to the credit reporting agencies. 

The report also includes information such as:

  • when did you open your credit card or loan account
  • how much money do you owe
  • do you make your payments on time
  • have you ever missed a payment
  • do ever go over your credit limit
  • have you ever declared bankruptcy
  • cellphone and internet account information
  • chequing and saving accounts that have been closed due to money owing or fraud

Understanding your credit is key, and learning how to manage debt will assist you in developing a solid credit rating.


But I need a vacation

We need to look after ourselves and our families.  These days we all work far too much.  When we get a chance to take a vacation, particularly some time away with our family, we need to take the opportunity.

Where to find the money - don’t look to another credit card.  Why pay 20% interest on your vacation and come home to the headache of high payments.  Instead, think about taking out a home equity loan to cover all your debts, reduce your monthly payments and leave enough cash left for your vacation.

With a home equity loan you can pay off your debts, get the money you need now and consolidate your debt.  Better still, you can get that family time in a sunny destination without the stress of knowing you are coming back to high interest bills.  Also, it can help your credit, while possibly giving your more money every month for the things you need.


Contact the Home Equity Loan Specialists

Need money for that vacation on March Break?  Want a simple solution and excellent advice?  Contact the home equity loan specialists at One Stop Mortgage Corp.  With a simple application, you can see how much money you are eligible to borrow and get the advice you need to consolidate all your debts.  You need a break, so does your family.  Even if the bank turned you down, the team at One Stop Mortgage Corp can help. 

Call them today at 604 874 8988 or call toll free 1 877 874 8988.  Want to get a head start?  Simply fill out this application form and one of our home equity loan specialists will contact you to get you on the road to a wonderful vacation and debt consolidation.

Simply fill in our 2 minute application form here for Alberta or BC or contact us directly and we can help.

Even if the bank turns you down, or your credit-rating is not accepted elsewhere, we can help.

Phone:  604 874 8988 or call toll free  1 877 874 8988
Fax: 604.874.9109

Or simply fill out the contact form here

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